Your guide to Kindergarten at Starbuck School

To register your child for Kindergarten, please go to: NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION

Kindergarten days will be Mondays and Wednesdays until the end of January.

From February to June they will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

About Our School:


  • Your bus driver should be contacting you toward the end of August or early September to arrange for a pick up
  • time for your child.
  • Busses arrive at the school between 8:20 and 8:45
  • If your child is not going to be on the bus for any reason, please contact  your bus driver
  • (they should give you contact information when they get in touch with you
  • before the start of school)  This prevents your driver from stopping at your house and waiting
  • for your child.


  • The students come into the school at 8:55 a.m.  Classes start at 9:00
  • Many kindergarten parents choose to follow the bus to school and greet their child once they get there.
  • Kindergarten students use the entrance at the north (rink) side of the school.  They leave their backpacks by the
  • stairs and have recess time until it’s time to come inside.
  • I will be outside greeting the students.   This is a good time for parents to say their goodbyes – while the kids are
  • busy playing – to avoid any tearful goodbyes when it is time to go in. 

Bus loop

  • Please be mindful of the bus loop when parking in the parking lot.  You may not drive or park in the area designated
  • as the bus loop (there are 2 signs marking this area)
  • – even if there are no busses there at the moment – this is for the safety of the students
  • If you are dropping your child off, or picking your child up, please monitor your child in the parking lot ensuring
  • that he/she never walks BETWEEN busses
  • A great place for drop off and pick up your child is the Lutheran Church Parking lot.  It’s a little bit farther away,
  • but if you need to park and walk your child to the building,
  • there is much less stress coming and going because you can avoid the busses and staff coming into the school
  • parking lot.

Snacks and lunch

  • We have 2 snack times per day in kindergarten, they happen after recess.  Morning snack is at 10:30 a.m.,
  • afternoon snack is at 2:15.
  • Students are encouraged to eat their healthiest snacks in the morning – I try to get them to eat their cold food
  • first (yogurt, cheese, etc) so that it doesn’t get warm in their lunch kits
  • Typically, if a child is not eating well, or throwing out half eaten food, I will contact you to let you know that this
  • is happening
  • Please send lots of food for your child during the first week or two of school.  It is amazing how hungry those
  • little bodies can get during the day…better to have too
  • much food, than to be hungry throughout the day.  Let your child be involved in the lunch making process –
  • ask him/her what kinds of food they would like to eat for snacks/lunches.
  • The lunch hour is from 11:50 to 12:50.  Students eat from 11:50 -12:20, then go outside to play.  They are
  • given approximately 20-30 minutes to eat their lunches. 


  • Students are required to have an indoor pair of running shoes at school. These shoes will be left at
  • school throughout the year.
  • Please make sure that your child can independently put on and fasten his/her shoes and that the
  • bottoms of the shoes are non-marking.


  • Kindergarten students go out for recess with the rest of the students in our school.  There are usually
  • 3 adults supervising students as they play.  The older students will often
  • look out for the little ones and friendships tend to form across the grades.

Recess times are:
8:25- 8:55, 10:15-10:30, 12:20 - 12:50, 2:00 – 2:15

  • Please make sure that your child is dressed for the weather, if your child normally wears sunscreen,
  • please make sure that he/she has it on for school. 
  • If your child needs assistance to reapply at noon, please let me know.  
  • Students will have indoor recess if it is raining heavily, or if the temperatures are colder than
  • -25 degrees Celsius. 

Book bags

  • Throughout the year, your child will be bringing home a book bag.  In this bag, they will take home
  • books from the classroom that they would like you to read to them. 
  • As the year progresses, your child will be bringing home books that he/she can read to you.  
  • Notes are also sent home in the book bag.  I tend to send most of my information home via email,
  • but school notes may still come in paper format. 
  • Please check your child’s book bag often to keep informed on what’s going on at school. 
  • Many school notes are also posted on the Starbuck School website, so check that site frequently
  • as well.

Extra clothing

  • Please send a bag with a complete change of clothing for your child (pants, shirt, underwear and
  • socks) that can stay at school.
  • There are any number of reasons why a child might need to change throughout the day (falling
  • in a puddle, spilled food or drink, bathroom accident),
  • and having a spare set of clothes to change into can spare your child embarrassment and make
  • him/her more comfortable.  
  • I will try to contact you if your child has used some of the spare clothes at school so that you can
  • replenish the supply!

Strong Beginnings:

  • In September, there will be two dates for teachers to complete assessments with students one on
  • one.  There will not be regular classes on these days. 
  • Students will make appointments to come to school for approximately 1 hour.  During this time, I
  • will have a chance to get to know your child and do some
  • early assessment.  
  • This assessment gives me a starting point for what I need to teach your child during small group
  • learning sessions.  It helps ensure that each student is
  • learning material that is just right for them. 
  • If the content is too hard or too easy it is not fun for anyone!  
  • Busses will not run on these days and your child will need to be dropped off at school for the
  • appointment slot chosen.  
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